Our Story

Hi! My name is Raya and I am engaged to my best friend, I am a proud rescue dog owner, and a passionate tree hugger. I am a pastry chef by trade, but I previously taught high school students how to not burn their eyebrows off in the kitchen.

I fell in love with naturopathic medicine while learning to walk for the third time during high school due to immunosuppressive therapy - a process where my immune system was shut down. As the medicine bottles on my counter top grew to an absurd number, all I wanted was to go to Prom. It seems silly, but in 2011 my goals were simple: learn to walk well enough to go back to school and attend this revered event. So, I spoke to my doctor about how to reduce my medication amount safely and learn how to take my life back. By the time I danced the night away and walked across the stage to graduate, I was amazed by how I could heal and control my symptoms through what I put on and in my body.

When it came time for college, I began transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. Leading by example, once I knew how to live in harmony with my body, I noticed how many other people wanted to do the same. For instance, my cousin came to me, unable to find answers to her skin ailments. I researched tirelessly and turned again to naturopathic medicine where I developed something to make her life easier, Herbal Lotion Bars, which is something she still uses today and it became my first product. Happy and healthy after pastry school, I decided to create Ray of Hope Healing. Then my life changed…

My grandmother and the namesake of this company was my best friend. She was the kindest woman you could ever meet and believed that “People are just trying the best they can”. She could spot love from a mile away, and told me I loved my fiance before I even knew. When she passed, my life stopped, and it only began again when my company gave me the purpose of spreading love and kindness to others. As I type this, I hold back tears, but knowing that I have created a company based on helping people and the planet, my heart swells with pride. We love you, Grandmother, and we are always doing the best we can. 

 Thus, Petals for Jean was re-launched August 8, 2019 and we are so happy you are here. We are a plant based organic, vegan eco-friendly hair and body care line. 

Our Mission 

Our goal is to bring sustainability and a vegan/plant based lifestyle to minority communities. Through initiations like our recycling program and partnering with initiatives for Fair Trade and equal pay, we strive to make our planet a happier place. 


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