Amber Galaxy

Hand crafted organic henna slowly infused into rich organic avocado butter. Paired with the rich scent of cedarwood, mint and lemon.

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New Hair Care Collection

  • Vegan, Plant Based + Cruelty Free

    No animals were harmed in the making of PFJ products. All our products were tested and loved by family and friends. We never use synthetic colorants and stabilizers.

  • Inclusive + BIPOC Owned

    We are proudly black women owned and operated. Our products are created with BIPOC communities in mind. We celebrate the beauty in our hair textures and gorgeous skin tones. 

  • Sustainably + Ethically Made

    We partner with our seasonal growers for the highest quality organic ingredients. Our farmers and growers are paid to the highest standard of fair trade. 

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black tube with green label fruit towel and flowers in back

Fruit and Floral Lip Balm

Light weight and long lasting moisture is created with organic avocado butter in our newest lip balm. A magical scent blend of topical fruit and delicate florals.

This collection features nourishing infusions of rose clay, spirulina and more.

"Best lip balm EVER!!! No more dry cracked lips. Flavor is subtle and wonderful. REALLY love the environmentally compassionate packaging - no plastic waste!" - Kimberly

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New Body Lotion Collection

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